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501,804 Titles In Stock - 118,180 Imports In Stock

Welcome to Super D. We currently stock the world's largest selection of music, movies and games. If you are looking for a wholesaler of music CDs, vinyl records, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and video games, Super D is your premier choice. We consolidate all products and information from movie studios and record labels around the globe and are ready to ship to you or directly to your customers on your behalf. Our world's largest in-stock selection represents unique imports from 21 countries, purchased in high volume to provide you the lowest possible cost. Our experienced sales team has specific programs designed to support retailers, e-retailers and wholesalers. Super D's combination of extensive product selection, advanced technology, experienced sales team and low pricing will help you grow your business.

World's Best In-Stock Selection

Each day our team of gifted buyers scans the globe for entertainment product at the best possible prices. Not only does Super D consolidate CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and Video Games from all U.S. distributors, we also stock product from 21 countries all under one roof. Super D has the world's best in-stock selection: today with 501,804 unique skus in-stock, ready to ship to you or your customers.

What we stock:

  • ALL major and indie distributed Music and Video product from U.S. distributors including Universal, WEA, Sony, EMI, ADA, RED, Paramount Studios, Sony Pictures, Warner Home Video, 20th Century Fox, and hundreds more. We carry all formats of music as well as DVD and Blu-ray formats of Video. We stock it all, think Long Tail
  • We have 118,180 Imported CD, Vinyl Records, DVD & Blu-ray currently in-stock. We carry the broadest selection of music and movies in every genre from 21 countries throughout the world! Whether you're looking for Rock, Pop, Metal, Country, Folk or Classical, Super D is the top choice for one-stop shopping
  • Super D's extensive DVD selection includes 79,114 titles currently in-stock. Our buyers are sure to carry all of the biggest hits, as well as the deep selection we're famous for. In addition to our domestic DVD collection, we are also the leading DVD importer in the world with 4,854 unique titles in-stock that are otherwise unavailable in the US.
  • Super D Independent Distribution (SDID) brings forth a healthy catalog of 15,937 in-stock distributed CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray titles from independent record labels and movie studios. Many of these are exclusively brought to the market through SDID. With over 70 vendors, we have something that appeals to every kind of business. In 2008, SDID received the National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) Small Distributor of the Year Award
  • Super D has the world's largest selection of domestic and import Vinyl records with 28,974 in-stock today. We pride ourselves in carrying indie exclusive titles, vinyl box sets and everything in between. We take great care in hand-packing vinyl LP product to ensure safe & efficient shipping.
  • Super-D is a wholesale distributor for CD Baby and Film Baby. Our partnership with and means we distribute all your favorite indie artists and give you access to the most important up and coming artists before anyone else. In addition to our regular stock of 501,804 titles, another 208,942 unique CD Baby & Film Baby titles are currently in-stock and available for order!
  • We carry Video Games from every major video game platform, including: Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 3 (PS3), Microsoft Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS / DSi / DSLite and Sony PSP / PSP Go.
  • Super D works with hundreds of suppliers to put together exclusive packaging and content product for bulk buyers. We have access to thousands of products to create unique product packaging and content offers, as well as unique pre-pack displays for you and your customers.

Advanced Technology

Whether your company is a retailer, e-retailer or wholesaler, Super D has a technology solution to fit your business model. Do you want direct to consumer fulfillment or drop-ship? Super D can do it! Do you need worldwide shipping? No problem! Super D customers have the option to order online or we can integrate with your ordering system via EDI or XML.

  • Database - Superfile© a comprehensive pre-recorded audio, video and games product database of 1,229,631 active skus. Superfile© contains music listings from all the major record suppliers and thousands of independent labels, video and DVD listings from all of the major studios, and is the most comprehensive source of worldwide import data.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - Super D supports any to any compatibility with its customers. Our systems support the transmittal and receipt of transactional data in a multitude of formats, including: proprietary flat files, NARM, Excel (including .csv), XML, Web Services and everything in between. Superior support of traditional EDI formats which include X.12 and EDIFACT.
  • B2B - Provided as a value added resource, Super D promotes a comprehensive B2B online ordering system. Available 24/7, this system allows you to order at your convenience while browsing hundreds of thousands of items with real time inventory. Features include an advanced search engine, recommendations, images and rich content data. Convenient and easy to use, your pricing and items are a click away with our simple click-n-buy checkout process. Your order is electronically submitted real time and processed immediately for the fastest possible allocation.
  • Drop shipping - Super D provides a multi-faceted approach to your shipping needs. This provides for the ability to ship directly to your Distribution Centers (DC), Direct to Store (DSD), and even Direct to Consumer (DTC) or any combination thereof. We have relationships with all major US and International shipping carriers and Freight Forwarders, which ensures we have the right services to meet your needs and customers' expectations.
  • Direct to Consumer Fulfillment - Super D is your premier partner for direct-to-customer fulfillment. We offer CD, DVD and Vinyl fulfillment for web-based businesses by shipping directly to your customers on your behalf. Super D can help you eliminate your inventory risk, increase your selection and ultimately increase your sales. Our DTC team is currently shipping 85,000 packages every week to locations across the globe, making us the logical and reliable choice for your dropshipper needs.
  • Our Facility - Super D operates a 70,000 square foot facility in Irvine, CA from which all products are housed and shipped. Our facility houses state-of-the-art material automation and handling equipment. Order processing for 501,804 in stock items is streamlined using advanced warehouse management software (WMS) systems which include wave picking by RF hand held scanners. This, along with automated high speed sortation and packaging equipment, allows for efficient, same day order processing. These automation and operational efficiencies allow us to provide for the processing capability of over 12 million units per year.
  • Always Available Connectivity - Super D's connectivity options support a wide array of choices. We support all Value Added Networks (VAN), AS2, FTP, SFTP, and direct dial. Super D operates a 24/7 year round schedule with regards to communications processing, so we are there when you are ready to do business, regardless of what country or time zone you may be in.
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Superior Service

Super D is the Best in Class when it comes to servicing you. We have a solid and dedicated team of experts who will enhance your business and profitability with their unique knowledge of the entertainment industry. Our multi-lingual sales and purchasing staff brings 1070 years of combined experience (an average of 16.2 years per staff member) to ensure that you get the best product, at the best price, in the timeliest manner.

Super D offers:

  • Dedicated account representatives
  • Easy B2B online ordering- Our B2B website provides you with new release information, online ordering, order tracking, and accounting statements
  • Discussions Magazine- our comprehensive weekly catalog of releases
  • Direct to consumer fulfillment for your website - We pick, pack and ship directly to your customers on your behalf
  • Worldwide shipping- we work with every major carrier around the world to ensure the best shipping rates and top notch reliability
  • We address your needs while offering alternatives and solutions for every business model, large and small
  • We support multiple languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French
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