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Super D is the fastest growing DVD wholesaler in the world. Super D boasts the largest selection of DVD's with 81,969 unique titles currently in-stock, from new releases to the deepest catalog titles. We can provide you with product from all of the major and independent studios. Whether you are searching for the newest releases from the majors or the more obscure selections, Super D is your source.

New Release DVD

New Release DVD

TitleUPCStreet Date
DVDDolphin Tale 28839293889369 Dec 2014
DVDWhere We Are: Live From San Siro Stadium8884305541912 Dec 2014
DVDDawn Of The Planet Of The Apes0245438881922 Dec 2014
DVDLet's Be Cops02454397086611 Nov 2014
DVDUnder The Dome: Season Two0973680702409 Dec 2014
DVD22 Jump Street04339643967218 Nov 2014
DVDTrue Blood: The Complete Seventh Season88392941483311 Nov 2014
DVDPlanes Fire & Rescue7869368418484 Nov 2014
DVDFrozen Sing Along Edition78693684460318 Nov 2014
DVDRudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer 50Th Anniversary0371170343834 Nov 2014

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The majority of our DVD's are Region 1 / NTSC DVD's. This means that the DVD's are only able to play on DVD players made within the United States and Canada. We also stock specialty DVD's that are from other Regions and in PAL format. You will need a compatible DVD player to play these DVDs. For more information on DVDs, HD DVDs and Blu-ray, there's a great DVD FAQ compiled by the people at the usenet group It's updated frequently and covers almost everything there is to know about the DVD format. It is found at:

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