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Playstation 3 The PS3 has received major boosts in the last year between a significant price cut and the emergence of Blu-ray as the victorious HD disc format. It features the most powerful hardware of the current-gen gaming systems and is poised to make significant sales leaps with some key franchises about to come to market. Super D is ready to help you capitalize on the increased demand by stocking 1,063 Blu-ray movies and 41 of the latest PS3 games.

New Release Playstation 3 Games

TitleUPCStreet Date
PS3Don Bradman Cricket 1493125901238251 Apr 2014
PS3Mlb 14 The Show71171999195325 Mar 2014
PS3Deception Iv Blood Ties04019800250925 Mar 2014
PS3Hakuoki Stories Of The Le89361000184615 Apr 2014
PS3Hakuoki Stories Of The Shi89361000183915 Apr 2014
PS3Murdered Soul Suspect6622489132928 Apr 2014
PS3Mad Max88392936010915 Apr 2014
PS3Dying Light8839293561191 Apr 2014
PS3Evil Within09315511854622 Apr 2014
PS3Brink0931551258898 Apr 2014
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