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Super D has the world's largest selection of music, movies and games. As the only worldwide wholesaler, we sell to thousands of independent retailers, major chains, online retailers, other wholesalers and specialty retailers. Super D Independent Distribution is our label distribution company. SDID is ready to take your label and artists to the next level by providing you with superior distribution services; both domestically and/or internationally.

Super D Independent Distribution (SDID)

SDID Label Services

If you are a label or studio looking for domestic or worldwide distribution, please fill out our quick questionnaire and email the following items to

  • Catalog of your titles in EXCEL format (including valid barcodes and wholesale pricing)
  • Electronic press kit, sell sheets, links to websites, reviews, etc
  • SDID Questionnaire

Super D Independent Distribution
Attn: Distribution Requests
17822 (A) Gillette Ave
Irvine, CA 92614
United States

Please Note:
All finished products must have valid barcodes.
SDID and Super D take no responsibility for unsolicited materials.

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