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CD Baby

The only Worldwide One Stop is now the only Independent Artist One Stop too! CD Baby has long been a champion of independent recording artists and record labels, giving thousands of talented people the opportunity to sell their music via the Internet. Super D has partnered with CD Baby to get retail exposure for these great artists. Now you, the music retailers and e-tailers, have the opportunity to purchase CD Baby music from Super D for your stores!

CD Baby Retailers

Breaking New Ground: Super D is blazing a whole new trail in music retail distribution because this type of distribution has never been done before! CD Baby was created as a way for independent artists and labels to sell their music to consumers without using traditional record distribution routes. Super D's distribution power will give these artists much needed retail visibility. Since CD Baby artists and labels are not under contract with CD Baby or Super D, this brand new distribution concept makes traditional “policies and procedures” different than typical one stop or distributor terms. Please note the following guidelines, knowing that Super D will always be evolving in this new distribution concept and we are open to any feedback and suggestions you may have!

Ordering: You order CD Baby CD's with your regular Super D orders. Since we are not stocking every title, the turn-around time may be 3-5 days. Super D's state-of-the-art backorder system will track your CD Baby order and we'll ship them with your very next order. All CD Baby CD's are in shrink wrap and have barcodes.

Returns: CD Baby has a totally unique relationship with the artists they work with where the artists get paid weekly on every single sale. In order to maintain the integrity of this artist-friendly system, Super D sells all CD Baby titles one-way.

Freight: Since CD Baby orders ship with your normal Super D orders, your standard freight policy will apply.

Pricing: CD Baby pricing is unique and is set by the artists. Super D's standard price schedule does not apply to these titles.

Shopping: All CD Baby titles are in Super D's database, (track listings, scans and notes are being added daily). If you are not already using our B2B site,, we encourage you to ask your sales rep to get you set up. At, you can find more info and listen to tracks of most CD's. Best seller lists will be available soon. A paper catalog will not be printed.

Help Support Your Local Independent Recording Artists!

CD Baby artists are located in cities across the country and around the world. Many of these artists will be out visiting retail stores to introduce themselves and their music to your stores; this is a very exciting opportunity for them! We encourage you to work together with the artists to benefit both of you. These artists and labels have chosen not to use traditional distribution methods so there are no giant marketing and advertising budgets. What better way is there to sell some music and have some fun than by having an in-store performance or promotion with a CD Baby artist? There are many ways to create excitement in your store with a CD Baby artist who is willing to do what it takes to sell their music AND make your store a fun place for your customers to visit. Please share your successes with us!

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